From the leaf of a tall grass native to Asia, Citronella essential oil has a crisp, fresh aroma, powerful benefits. Citronella oil is an ideal companion for camping, hiking, and trips outdoors. The oil components include citronellal and geraniol, which are known for their cleansing properties. You can use it on surfaces in and outside the home and is a powerful insect repellant. 

Plant Name: Cymbopogon Nardus

Plant Family: Cardiopteridaceae

Native Region: Southeast Asia and commercially grown throughout Sri Lanka, India, Burma, Indonesia and Java.

Essential Oil Extraction Method: hydrodistillation and steam distillation

Properties: Antibacterial, Antifungal, Anti-inflammatory, Antiphlogistic, Febrifuge

Affirmation: I am free from restriction

Blends well with: Geranium, Bergamot, Cilantro, Cassia and Ginger

Safety: May irritate skin. Topical use recommended during pregnancy. 

Historical uses: Dating back 2000 years, Citronella oil was used as perfumes during religious ceremonies in India. 

Wellness Uses: Citronella oil is known for its powerful ability to promote wound healing, repel insects, fight against fatigue and lift your mood as well as fight against fever. 

Emotional Uses: Citronellol makes Citronella a restoring oil, allowing it to ease stress response and acts as a mood refresher. Used commonly in aromatherapy, Citronellol is believed to assist in relieving anxiety.

How can Citronella Oil Support:



When feelings of anxiety arise inhale Citronella and to ease your nerves and feel the weight being lifted off your shoulders.



Do your thoughts deprive you of sleep? Citronella is here to help. Add 5-10 drops of Citronella to your fractionated coconut oil and give yourself a good rub after shower, just before bed. This will calm your mind and guarantee you a good night's sleep.


Racing Thoughts

Diffuse 3-5 drops of Citronella in your space when you need to make sound decisions.


Stress Relief

Mindfully inhale Citronella when you find yourself in a stressful situation. This will calm your nerves and remind you to let go of situations that are out of your control.


Mood Refresher

Feeling down and unmotivated during the day? Diffuse 2-3 drops of Citronella for reviving  mood boost.



Insect Repellent

Diffuse several drops to help repel insects and mosquitos. Alternatively, add Citronella to your carrier oil and rub or spray onto your body every hour. Did you know that you can add a few drops of Citronella to a spray bottle to combat and deter flies, gnats and other insects from your indoor plants. (Try the 500ml Amber spray bottle, and protect your indoor plants)



This powerful anti-lice treatment will keep your scalp lice free. Simply work 3-5 drops of Citronella into the scalp together with your shampoo 3 times a day.


Toenail Fungus

The antifungal and restoring properties of Citronellol will bring your toenail to life. Combine 1 drop of Citronella and 1 drop Tea Tree oil to the affected area twice a day.


Healthy Hair

Citronellol promotes hair growth and prevents the production of excess grease on the scalp by regulating the sebum oil produced. For healthy nourished hair Massage 2 drops of Citronellol and 2 drops Lavender into hair with conditioner.


Stop body odour

For a low tox alternative to preventing body odour apply 2-4 drops of Citronella to underarms and bottoms of feet and feel refreshed.



Establish Respectful Boundaries

Diffuse Citronella in your space to help you build respectful and meaningful relationships. Citronella works with the Spleen chakra to help restore relationships to a healthy and equal balance. It helps you establish respectful boundaries by cutting ties with negative people and energies. (For more about Chakra Wellness and Balancing, see Chakra Wellness Made Simple by Connie Boucher)


Detach Yourself

Inhale Citronella when feeling overwhelmed by tumultuous or worrisome energies around you. Citronella teaches you that the belief of others and how they choose to live their lives has nothing to do with you. It protects you from suffering when results do not match your expectation.


Start Again

It is never wrong to give yourself a second chance but it is important not to take yourself back to where you desperately pulled yourself out from. Diffuse Citronella, Birch, Red Mandarin, White Grapefruit and Wild Orange to help you regroup and restart. The citrus trio encourages you to move forward. 


Acknowledge the True You

Anoint yourself with a combination of Citronella, Arborvitae, Cilantro and Hawaiian Sandalwood when you seek clarity on your true self. These oils aim to remind you that you can discover and define your true self once you clear toxic energies and emotions from your life. (Extracted from The Gifts of Essential Oils book by Adam Barralet)


Joy in Every Season

Allow Citronella to shine her light during every phase of your life. Be it growth and celebration, setbacks and failures or even starting again, Citronella is glad to always remind you to be joyful.