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Introducing the Oil Magic Emotions Series 1 book — an essential resource to help you navigate your emotional landscape with the power of essential oils and all-natural solutions. 

Oil Magic Emotions Hardback book is your ultimate guide to navigating and supporting your emotional journey with essential oils. Say goodbye to confusion and overwhelm, and embrace a new level of emotional well-being with the help of our carefully crafted protocols and expert guidance and natural modalities.

Why use Oil Magic Emotions Series 1 as your must-have companion?

- The Foundations – This section covers essential oil fundamentals, safe usage, dilution, and delves into emotions and their physical impact. Learn how to utilize this valuable resource to support and educate others using free downloadable complimentary materials. Explore reflexology for emotional well-being, understand the nervous and endocrine systems, and grasp the role of cellular health in bodily functions. Decode emotions, learn regulation strategies and discover practical use of the complimentary product, Oil Magic Emotions Compass to swiftly respond to daily emotional needs.

- Supporting Everyday Emotional Challenges: Our book offers simple, step-by-step instructions for over 250 emotions in the A-Z Section ensuring you can confidently address your daily emotional needs.

- Core Emotions Protocols: Dive into a treasure trove of 65 core positive, negative and neutral emotions protocols to enable you to respond with a robust regime. In addition to a specific protocol you’ll also find lifestyle tips, oils to immediately process the emotion you’re experiencing and oils to enable you to move up the emotional scale, and an indicator of where you may experience the emotion in your physical body - empowering you to make essential oils and supplements a seamless part of your life for profound results.

- Recipes, DIY’s & Diffuser Blends: Get creative with essential oils using our extensive collection of recipes contained throughout the book all identified with specific emotional support in mind, in addition to easy DIY recipes, and diffuser blends that promote emotional harmony and well-being.

- Embrace the Magic of Oils: Discover the profound emotional and energy benefits of essential oils, both single oils and dōTERRA blends, helping you move towards a more balanced and harmonious emotional space. Each oil has the emotional root, overview of how it can support your emotions in addition to foundational information and complimenting crystals to enhance the energy of the oils.

- All-New dōTERRA 2023 Products Included: Stay up-to-date with the latest and most powerful essential oils and supplements from dōTERRA, complete with their names for easy reference.

- Lifestyle Modalities : Explore this section to immerse yourself in the realm of natural modalities, coupled with essential oils, you’ll examine different way of approaching, assessing and understanding your emotions and uncover a synergy to uplift your emotional state. While you peruse through the content, rely on your inner instinct, allowing the modalities that resonate with you to ignite a bond, leading you towards the assistance that will nurture both your emotions and your mind.

- Body Systems : In this section you’ll embark on a profound exploration of the body’s systems and how they are affected by our varying emotions. You’ll unravel the intricate interplay between the physical and mental realms and in turn appreciate the effects on one another, and the effect that our emotional landscape has on our body system functionality.

- Supplements for Foundational Support : Here you will embark on an insightful exploration of doTERRA’s supplements and how they can create a sure foundation and bolster our emotional state and gain a deeper understanding of how they contribute to fostering a sense of well-being.

- Friendly and Supportive Approach: We believe in fostering a warm and compassionate environment for you to explore and embrace essential oils on your emotional wellness journey.

In addition to the Oil Magic Emotions Book, we would also like to introduce the revolutionary Oil Magic Emotions Compass that will enable you to harness the power of essential oils for everyday emotional well-being

It’s a comprehensive tool that caters to the diverse spectrum of emotions that we experience on a daily basis and will act as your quick reference too to ensure you can swiftly respond to emotional needs. View the product HERE.

Contents:  20 x Hardback Oil Magic Emotions Series 1 Book - 346 pages




Oil Magic Emotions - Series 1 (20 Books)

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