The Calming Blend was created to assist with facing daily stressors with calm and ease. This gentle blend consists of oils such as wild orange, Lavender, Copaiba, Spearmint, Magnolia, Rosemary, Neroli and Sweetgum, all well known for their soothing and uplifting properties and aromas. Calming Blend helps you to live in the safety of the present moment.

Historical uses: Ingredients like spearmint were widely used to fragrance bath water, flavour toothpastes and aid in the treatment of certain ailments like cold, cough, asthma and digestive problems.

Wellness uses: The calming properties of Calming Blend is used to aid seasonal depression, sleep issues, anxiety, Post traumatic stress disorder and hyperactivity.

Emotional Uses: The floral and fruity tones of Calming Blend encourage you to be in the present, to feel safe and enjoy all that it has to offer.     

How Can I Use The Calming Blend To Support:



Mood Disorders

To regulate your mood apply 2 drops onto webs of hands and base of skull. Additionally you can diffuse in your space throughout the day. 


Calming Blend, with the aid of Copaiba, allows you to move on from the past and stops you from drowning yourself in past shames, hurts, guilts and regrets. He encourages you to forgive yourself and people around you so that you will no longer find the need to pull yourself back to the destructive feelings. Place 1-2 drops of Calming Blend onto hands and mindfully inhale whenever you find it hard to let go.

Relaxed Mind

Lavender makes Calming Blend the go-to blend when your mind tends to race a lot, and you cannot make a clear decision. Inhale during your time of meditation to calm your nerves and gain clarity on what you need to do. 

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Calming Blend supports you to welcome the situation as it is and to remain in the present. Rub 1-2 drops on your chest area and shoulders to help slowly lift the weight of PTSD off your shoulders. Why not try a massage oil in one of our Jumbo 30ml Roller bottles?

Mood Enhancer

Wild Orange and Spearmint make The Calming Blend an uplifting blend as they share the same uplifting properties. When you start to feel down during the day, diffuse 3-4 drops in your space and do your favourite activity. Diffuse wherever you are with the MySpace diffuser.



For a well rested body, combine 3-4 drops of Calming Blend with your fractionated coconut oil and use for a soothing massage after your shower.


Is your mind always active, resulting in your physical body having less rest time? Then diffuse 3-4 drops Calming Blend to make use of its calming and soothing properties.


Noticed that you are always irritated and have low tolerance? Inhale 1-3 drops of Calming Blend. 

Stress Relief Roller Blend

For stress relief and calm within your body combine, 8 drops Calming blend, 8 drops Balance, 8 drops Copaiba and Fractionated Coconut Oil in a 10ml roller bottle. Apply to pulse points, over heart and behind ears. (Extracted from our Advanced Oil Magic: Series 5)


Finding it hard to get a good night's sleep? Let the calming and soothing properties of Calming Blend assist you. Add 3-4 drops of into your bath water and soak yourself for 10 minutes. Apply 2 drops onto webs of hands and base of skull before bed and feel yourself slip into the perfect sleep.

Practical Uses

  • Apply a drop of Calming Blend onto the palm of your hands, rub them together, and inhale as much as needed throughout your day.
  • Diffuse oil in your space for centering and calming results.
  • Calming Blend oil can also be used as a soothing massage oil.