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These super sweet, popular 1/4 (1ml) Dram Amber Dropper Bottles are stylish and great for sharing essential oils and blends, or to keep your favourite oils with you on the go ready for immediate use.

They are the perfect size for a travel kit, or for decanting oils into veggie caps, or why not apply oils to your cuticles from them at night before bed! – perfect.

Why not use these to present t a host at a class, as a thank you; a little personalised bag of a few of these dropper bottles containing oils they may like to sample themselves would express thanks and also allow them to sample oils maybe they’ve not experienced before.

Once all the oil is in and the dropper is screwed on, apply one of our bottle cap stickers to the side so you know what it contains.

Contents: 5 x 1ml / 1/4 dram amber glass dropper bottles

Note: Store in an upright position.



Note: Store in an upright position.


1/4 (1ml) Dram Amber Glass Dropper Bottles (5 pack)

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