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Are you, or someone you love, struggling with the often debilitating effects that anxiety can play in our lives?  Do you need some ideas on how to support yourself, or have a friend who would welcome some essential oil blends or even food recipes to support the body system to give it the foundation it needs? Maybe you're looking for mindfulness techniques to help you calm during troubled times.

This booklet will support you in bringing your mind and body back into balance using essential oils and other natural solutions.  It captures all of the basics that you may need to know about what Anxiety is, other conditions that often accompany it, and how you can best support the body in managing it with the amazing natural benefits of essential oils and other techniques. It includes practical ways of supporting mental wellness for the whole family.

  • Contains essential oil blends so you are always prepared when a situation may arise.
  • Educate others on how they can use essential oils for an everyday problem.
  • Help loved ones take care of themselves naturally.
  • Access some basic food recipes to support the body system
  • Mindfulness techniques during stressful periods
  • .... an so much more!

NB. Please note cards are not included and are shown for illustrative purposes only. Should you wish to purchase the cards they are available here to be purchased separately. 




Naturally Supporting Anxiety Book

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