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Are you looking to adorn your bottles with gorgeousness ? Look no further, this set of 12 white vinyl labels to adhere to your own bottles are the perfect decorative accessory to spice up your bottles. 

Essential Oil Supplies "Home Care" vinyl label collection is great for naming your homemade essential oil home care blends whether that's a spray bottle, roller bottle or if you're repurposing your empty essential oil bottles.

These labels make a perfect gift for your oily friends or why not gift a bottle ready made using one of our MyMakes recipes brochures

To apply, simply remove the contact paper , position the vinyl where you would like it to be then rub really well - a credit card or ruler rubbed firmly over the surface works a treat.  Anyone can do it!  These essential oil vinyl stickers are waterproof and oil proof!  Just ensure that your bottle is really clean before you apply the label and add your essential oils after application. These are not intended  for dishwashing however,  wipe bottle with a clean cloth. 

Using these vinyl labels as part of a make and take class will wow your friends - checkout how cute they are in our images. 

Labels included

  • 2 decorative leaf designs
  • Hand Soap
  • Room Refresh
  • Sanitiser
  • Wood Polish
  • Glass Cleaner
  • Linen Spray
  • Shower Cleaner 
  • All Purpose Cleaner 
  • Bathroom Cleaner 
  • Surface Cleaner 



Home Care Vinyl Label Set (10pk)

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