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Sampling has never been easier, you just need to be prepared!

Carry your oil samples everywhere with our exclusively designed Essentially Inspired hardshell case that holds up to 49 sample vials in a fixed grey foam insert, which can house ¼ dram (1ml) sample vials and ⅝ dram (2ml) sample vials.

The case also contains a handy pouch inside to house your business cards. Sample professionally with our sample information tearpad that will enable you to not only sample with style but to capture your customer's information so you can follow up later. 

We also have Aromatherapy Sampling Strips Booklet to sample efficiently using absorbent strips. 

This trendy sampling case is perfect for traveling with your oils. Its compact size makes it easy to put it in a handbag, backpack, suitcase or other travel cases. Leave your full size essential oil bottles at home and just take sample vials with you in your new, stylish Essentially Inspired Sampling Case!

Why not also get your hands on one of our customer favourites so you can sample professionally, our essential oil sticker book will help you to not only organise your sampling case, but also has inserts that help you to track your samples and supplies too.

Contents: Grey Hard Shell Oil Sampling Case


  • Hardshell, zippered around three sides
  • Holds 49 sample vials
  • Can hold 1/4 (1ml) dram vials or 5/8 (2ml) dram vials
  • Pouch for holding labels, business cards or sampling accessories



      Essentially Inspired Oil Sampling Case

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