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Written by Dr Janet Roark (The Essential Vet) this has been produced to help people use essential oils safely and more comfortably with their pets. Janet shares all her knowledge of the best practices to do that and it's a must have for anyone wanting to learn more about how to support their cats or dogs in a natural way.

Inside this book, you will find: 
  • Over 100 pet-safe diffuser blends and recipes
  • Safe practices when using oils with your pets
  • An easy to use dilution guide
  • System Support oils for Dogs and Cats
  • Specific Conditions for Dogs and Cats 
  • And so much more....
Table of Contents:
  • Introducing Oils to your Pet
  • Do's and Don'ts
  • How to Use Essential Oils
  • Diffusing Tips
  • Oil Recipes
  • Diffuser Blends
  • Dogs: Support System
  • Cats: Support System
  • Specific Conditions: Dogs
  • Specific Conditions: Cats
  • Index

Contents: 98 page softcover book

We also have complimentary material produced by Janet that will help to educate and support your further, whether its a quick reference A-Z of ailments or a Make & Create for Pets book that contains over 40 recipes and the labels to apply to your remedies - there's even a recipe for dog treats!




Essential Oils for Pets by Dr Janet Roark

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