Tiger Eye Gemstone Roller-Balls for Essential Oil Roller Bottles NZ

Tiger Eye Roller-Ball (singular)

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When crystals, essential oils, and the individual’s energy field are brought together, they begin to synchronise to the highest frequency. The frequency of crystals and pure essential oils hold a very high frequency creating the potential for the body to raise its frequency and its vibration above it's normal frequency. Using crystals and essential oils together creates energy potential and healing previously unavailable to our conscious mind!

Tiger Eye is a beautiful protection stone. It is thought to hold the power to focus the mind thus promoting mental clarity. It can help the wearer/user to resolve problems objectively and fairly, unclouded by emotions. When used in healing it is thought to dispel anxiety, fear and doubt. Tiger Eye may also bring good luck to the wearer!

These roller-balls will fit our 5ml & 10ml roller bottles (bottles not included).

Contains: 1 x Tiger Eye Gemstone Roller-Ball

    NOTE: Due to natural variances, the crystals you receive may look different from the pictures. Also the gemstones may take a few rolls to get moving as they need to get lubricated all around.

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