MyMakes: I AM Mentally Magnificent
MyMakes: I AM Mentally Magnificent
MyMakes: I AM Mentally Magnificent with Desiree Mangandog

MyMakes: I AM Mentally Magnificent with Desiree Mangandog

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We are delighted to introduce you to our MyMakes: I AM Mentally Magnificent collection, part of the Essential Knowledge Series which we produced in conjunction with the amazingly talented Desiree Mangandog, author of "I am Fabulous" and "I am Worthy" books.

Desiree created the blends in our I AM Mentally Magnificent collection to help support your mental and emotional state of being. The blends will help you to trust in yourself, raise your intuition and increase self-acceptance. If you have been struggling with lack of clarity, scattered in your thinking, filled with self-doubt and low self-esteem, then pick a few of these blends to use for 3 weeks at a time. You will begin listening to your truth and confidently expressing yourself around others. Ultimately, you will feel a sense of peace and satisfaction with where you are and the direction of your life’s journey. Emotional development plays a vital role in happiness and success.

The recipes utilise many common essential oils, whilst also combining some less common essential oils that are amazing powerhouses in supporting emotional needs. The blends are designed to be used for a few weeks in order to experience the change you desire in a specific area.

We love to recycle and re-use so we’ve also ensured you can trim the labels to fit onto your 5ml & 15ml essential oil bottles!

Recipes include:

  • I am focused
  • I am beautiful
  • I am empowered
  • I am connected
  • I am brave
  • I am centered
  • I am uplifted
  • I am peaceful
  • I am assured
  • I am serene

                    Included : 1 Brochure & label set 

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