Metal Oil Key (Silver)
Metal Oil Key (Silver)

Metal Oil Key (Silver)

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No need to use a knife, your teeth, fingernails or other items to remove reducers or orifice's again!!

This metal "key" will work to easily pop off the following:

  • 15ml bottle reducer
  • 5ml bottle reducer
  • Roller balls
  • 5/8 (2ml) and 1/4 (1ml) dram bottle orifices

You can even use the key to push the dram orifice's, roller balls and reducers back on! It comes with hole so you can add it to your key-chain and never be without it! Why not attach it to the ring of your key chain.

These make great gifts for downline, up-line or any essential oil enthusiast, or why not provide as a hostess gift.

Contents: 1 x Silver Metal Oil Key

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