Essential Oil Dropper 5ml Best Dispenser NZ

Glass Dropper for 5ml Bottles (5 Pack)

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These droppers fit 5ml glass dōTERRA essential oil bottles as well as some other 5 ml vials. They come assembled for immediate use. The droppers save time and oil: they control how much oil you add to a blend or make filling a capsule easy. (To prevent deterioration of the rubber bulb, store the bottle in an upright position and replace the dropper with a regular cap when transporting.)

Contents: 5 pre-assembled dropper caps—including glass pipettes, rubber bulbs, and plastic caps. (Oil bottles not included, for illustration purposes only)

Note: This dropper works on vials with an 18mm neck size.

Instructions: Squeeze the rubber bulb to draw liquid up into the glass pipette. Gently squeeze the bulb again to release the liquid one drop at a time. 

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