Essential Knowledge Series : Dilutions & Safety Information Rack Card

Essential Knowledge Series: Dilutions & Safety Information Rack Card

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Use this card as a quick reference tool whether you're new to oils or a seasoned user!

These rack cards are great for those new to oils as well as seasoned "oilies", to serve as reminders or reference. They can be used as freebies at events, bookmarks or gifts to down-line members. Hosts can put them in stands at events where dilution or measurement conversion is required.

It contains a brief overview as to why dilution is important, conversion ratios for varying age ranges, capturing dilution guidelines, safety information and a conversion table to enable you to quickly see how to convert drams, drop, ml, oz, tbsp and tsp.

This rack card includes:

  • Why dilute
  • Dilution guidelines
  • Dilution ratios
  • Container conversion chart
  • Safety information
  • 2 sided on card stock
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