Classroom Essentials Info Sheet
Classroom Essentials Info Sheet
Classroom Essentials Info Sheet

Classroom Essentials Info Sheet

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A great resource for Teachers and Educators who use Essential Oils for a natural boost to classroom management - to help energise students on Monday morning, calm a child before a presentation, or assist with memory and recollection during tests.

Education is power! This 2-sided information sheet has 3 recipes on the front and 10 diffuser bomb recipe blends on the back.

  • Link for teachers to download FREE lesson plans ideal for teaching students about their olfactory system and how it can effect mood!
  • Ways essential oils are used to assist in the classroom.
  • Natural Recipes inform readers why natural ingredients and essential oils are a better choice than commonly used commercial cleaning products
  • 3 recipes for educational settings: Germs Away Surface Spray, Foaming Hand Wash, Hand Sanitizer
  • Aromatherapy Play Dough - an exceptional sensory activity for kids of all ages!
10 Diffuser Bomb Recipe Blends
  • ANXIOUS - diffuse during public speaking and tests!
  • ENERGISE - start the day with some zing!
  • SINUS SUPPORT - everyone stuffed up?
  • FOCUS - great for getting back on track
  • SPRING - everyone's sneezy, dopey and sleepy
  • MEMORY - diffuse when learning and then again for the exam!
  • CALM FOCUSED - soothing, calming and focused students
  • CLEANSING - diffuse before the kids return from recess or PE
  • EXTERNAL THREATS - before 'the gunk' starts going around school
  • SOOTHE - for diffusing in the principal's office, counsellor's office or pre-exams

Use with your own brand of oils!


Contents: 1 x Information Sheet (ribbon not included)

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