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ADVANCED Oil Magic is an innovative NEW reference book that is simple, effective and easy to use. Written by a group of holistic health coaches, naturopaths, and Chinese medicine experts.

Whether you're looking up an ailment for quick reference, or looking for a detailed protocol, ADVANCED Oil Magic gives you precise direction showing you how many drops to use, how often, and for how long. No guessing. No confusion. Just magic.


The design of the book makes it easy to navigate as you discover which natural solutions you need, and precisely how to use them. The artwork is clean and refreshing. The layout is intuitive. You’ll begin learning not only which oils to use and how. You’ll discover depth in your relationship with the power of essential oils.

ADVANCED Oil Magic has more protocols, emotional usage and exposure to more products.

Integrated QR Codes

Each single oil page contains a magic QR code that takes you to one of our favourite videos about that oil. Just point the camera of your smart phone at the code, and presto! - No more video links to keep track of (or lose)!

Features Include:

  • 600 quick reference Ailments & Conditions
  • Uses & oil hacks for Single Oils & Oil Blends
  • Hundreds of recipes, diffuser blends, & DIY’s
  • Lifestyle Protocols
  • 105 serious Ailment Protocols
  • Incredible Emotions & Energy usage
  • QR Video Clips on your favourite essential oils

Table of Contents:

  • Advanced Usage Guide
  • Ailments & Conditions
  • Single Oils
  • Oil Blends
  • Supplements & Softgels
  • Protocols by Ailment
  • Lifestyle Protocols
  • Emotions & Energy
  • Science & Research
  • References & Credits

Find the answers. Know exactly what to do. Have fun. Live your essential oil MAGIC.

Contents: Hardcover book 315 pages

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